Corporate Training

Our corporate training option promotes customised development programmes based on an organisation’s unique requirements, providing the skills, knowledge and competencies needed to ensure managers succeed in an increasingly competitive world.

Customer Care & Sales Training


Derived from great sales gurus; Rob Jolles, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and others, our sales training and implementing programs are delivered in a simple ABC format that makes them easy to under-stand and practice; thus, leading to increased performance and an optimal return on investment.


Duration : 2 days

  • Malaysian
  • In-house Training (Minimum in a group of 15 trainee)

Course Modules

  • The Customer Is the Business
  • Customer Care
  • Keeping Your Customers
  • After Sale Service
  • Winning Every Sale
  • Become the Best Salesperson
  • Customer Service for Front Office
  • Customer Service Through Effective Telephone Techniques

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