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Our corporate training option promotes customised development programmes based on an organisation’s unique requirements, providing the skills, knowledge and competencies needed to ensure managers succeed in an increasingly competitive world.

Effective Report Skills Training


Because reports play an essential role in many business operations, they need to be read, understood, and often, acted upon. Unfortunately, most of us have too much to read and too little time to plough through all of the paperwork that lands on our desks. If writers include too much information or too many words, they produce reports that are lengthy, wordy and difficult to read; if they use overly-formal language and an inconsistent or inapproriate layout, their reports will be unappealing and unclear. We show participants a systematic approach to report writing so that they are able to write clear, logically structured reports in less time.


Duration : 2 days

  • Malaysian
  • In-house Training (Minimum in a group of 15 trainee)

Upon completion of this programme, participants will understand:

  • Understand the importance of identifying their readers and their needs
  • Identify how much detail their readers need and will understand
  • Choose the right visual aid such as charts, graphs and tables to present figures
  • Write an effective conclusion
  • Write an executive summary that highlights your reports main idea
  • Structure and present their report professionally
  • Learn how to do presentations, not only effectively but with impact
  • Learn how to do presentations, not only effectively but with impact
  • Make their reports much more readable

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