Japanese Language Communication Skills


The Japanese Training programme is specifically designed to assist participants to learn an additional popular foreign language. The main objective of this programme is to provide a greater career opportunity to participant as it increases employability within the globalised business nowadays. Being able to converse in another foreign language gives a person an edge over a monolingual people and knowledgeable in foreign languages also reflects education, good taste and refinement.


  • Malaysian
  • Open for all ages
  • At least a minimum group of 15 (in-house training)

Course Structures
Speaking and listening skills :
Basic conversation and short speech using topics
relating to everyday life and one’s own interests
Reading skills:
Learn the correct japanese language pronunciation
Writing skills :
Learn how to use proper japanese grammar;Japanese writing systems (i.e., hiragana, katakana, and 65 kanji characters for memorization and 35 kanji compounds for recognition)