Kadazan Language Communication Skills


The Kadazandusuns are the largest ethnic group in Sabah, making up about one third of its original population and forming the largest single language community in Sabah.Nowadays, the number of Bahasa Kadazandusun speakers is thought to have dropped significantly throughout Sabah, especially in larger towns or cities like Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan and others places as well.Therefore, in order to preserve the language heritage, Gain Forlife Academy is now offering KadazanDusun Language to revive the usage of the language.


  • Malaysian
  • Open for all ages
  • At least a minimum group of 15 (in-house training)
Course Structures
Speaking and listening skills :
Basic conversation and short speech using topics
relating to everyday life and one’s own interests
Reading skills:
Learn the correct kadazan language pronunciation
Writing skills :
Learn how to use proper Kadazan grammar