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Our corporate training option promotes customised development programmes based on an organisation’s unique requirements, providing the skills, knowledge and competencies needed to ensure managers succeed in an increasingly competitive world.

Labour Ordinance & Domestic Enquiry Training


This course aimed to expose the participant on the importance of employees rights and obligations as workers, union members and employers in the workplace.


Duration : 2 days

  • Malaysian
  • In-house Training (Minimum in a group of 15 trainee)

To increase the awareness of employers on certain provisions of the Labour Ordinance pertaining to (among others);

  • Contract of service
  • Responsibilities of main contractor & sub contractor
  • Employment of foreign workers and expatriates
  • Offences under the ordinance
  • Sexual harassment at work place
  • A chance to learn and understand real cases of labour disputes among various companies in Sabah through workshops with a prominent lawyer who authored a book entitled ‘A Guide to Labour Ordinance of Sabah & Sarawak’

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