Corporate Training

Our corporate training option promotes customised development programmes based on an organisation’s unique requirements, providing the skills, knowledge and competencies needed to ensure managers succeed in an increasingly competitive world.

Office Management Training (Store & Record)


Office management training programs help trainee to improve their organization skills. In this program trainee will learn to navigate the internet aside from using common office software programs.
Upon completion of this programme, participants will understand:

  • to provide awareness on the importance, objectives and the function of record-keeping as one of the essential requirements in modern records management that covers the entire life cycle of records ( records from creation until disposed of effectively ) .
  • To provide knowledge and guidelines on aspects of safety and maintenance records room , as well as maintenance and storage of records in a recordkeeping , compliance with the specifications set by the audit and archive .

Course Modules

  • The Customer Is the Business
  • Customer Care
  • Keeping Your Customers
  • After Sale Service
  • Winning Every Sale
  • Become the Best Salesperson
  • Customer Service for Front Office
  • Customer Service Through Effective Telephone Techniques

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