Corporate Training

Our corporate training option promotes customised development programmes based on an organisation’s unique requirements, providing the skills, knowledge and competencies needed to ensure managers succeed in an increasingly competitive world.

Proficient Business & Report Writing Training


This course would thought you to learn on how to produce a professional report writing to progress in your career. The methodology of this course are writing different kinds of reports, the seven stages of report writing, constructing your report and how to prepare professional presentation.


Duration : 2 days

  • Malaysian
  • In-house Training (Minimum in a group of 15 trainee)

Upon completion of this programme, participants will understand:

  • Master essential punctuation and grammar rules to communicate more Effectively
  • Plan and construct letters, memos or emails effectively in various situations
  • Maximize clarity, impact and persuade the reader
  • Know the hands-on principles of Business writings and using them effectively
  • Learn the art of using the right words in letter and email writings to get the desired outcome
  • Overcoming ‘writer’s block’ – creativity & focus
  • How to plan properly business writing (email, memos & letter)
  • Learn how to do presentations, not only effectively but with impact
  • Develop an action plan to improve communication skills.
  • Learn the art of ‘rephrasing’ to master the art of business writing and achieve greater understanding in communications

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